LTD Atrium Bocote
LTD Atrium Bocote
LTD Atrium Bocote
LTD Atrium Bocote
LTD Atrium Bocote
LTD Atrium Bocote
LTD Atrium Bocote


Atrium [ ey-tree-uhm ] //  is a Roman architectural term referring to a centrally open room often at the entrance to a space, typically with domed or otherwise pitched ceiling.  With the ZMF Atrium, you get our most open design, which features our patent-pending rear damping system that accentuates stage layering and depth, tactile "feel" with realistically natural timbre.

The Atrium expands the range of spatial sound experience first incepted with the auteur (now the “auteur classic”), through its shared biocellulose driver heritage and linear ZMF tuning.  

The current wood for the Atrium LTD is Bocote. Bocote is known for its mesmeric grain structure, and sought for its dramatic contrast and durability. Natural variance is normal within all woods with outliers expected.  We finish these with a hand wiped hard wax oil finish for a satin finish that allows the character of the wood to stand center stage.

Headphones may vary from sample photos due to natural wood variance.


  • Impedance: 300 Ohms
  • Driver: Biocellulose N52 Atrium Tuned Driver
  • Weight: 580 +/- 30g (Varies by wood)
  • Sensitivity: ~96dB/mW


  • Bocote Wood Atrium
  • ZMF Stock Braided Cable and OFC Cable
  • ZMF Universe Perforated Pads and 1 choice set
  • ZMF Owner's Card
  • Lifetime Driver Warranty


  • The upgraded magnesium chassis is painted, not anodized, and may wear over time.
  • Only one discounted upgrade cable can be purchased in a bundle with each set of headphones, the stock cable is still included with purchase.
  • To add a fully custom cable, check out our cables page!


We ship worldwide! If you are unsure about ordering, see our Shipping FAQ or check to see if we have a Certified Dealer in your country.
Still curious? Check out our Vérité Closed FAQ page, our General FAQ page, and our Product Guide.

LTD Atrium Bocote

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