This LTD is from a batch of European Curly Ash that was discovered by my favorite wood dealer and then set aside for me because he thought I'd want it.  He was right!  I have been waiting a few years to buy more ash because I wanted to find the right stuff, and here it is.  Prominent and thick grain, wavy and slightly chatoyant heartwood, and a mix of quartered and rift cuts makes for the perfect ash to go through the Shou-Sugi-Ban practice with.

This Euro Curly Ash is literally burnt wood, so there may be a faint smell of burnt ash and the burn marks will be incongruent and artful at times.  Ash wood may have other aberrations like resin marks and the grain and cut of each piece will be fairly congruent and have like grain.  

Natural colored sets are finished with a hard wax oil and have a satin finish and feel.

"Burst" Lava and Purple sets are spray lacquer finished and have a semi-gloss look and feel.

ALL Models Have Black Grille (if applicable) and Rods

Learn more about the wood we use in our headphones here.

Headphones may vary from sample photos due to natural wood variance.


  • EU Ash ZMF Headphone
  • ZMF Stock Braided Cable
  • ZMF OFC Cable
  • ZMF Stock Pads (varies per model)
  • Secondary Pads (varies per model)
  • ZMF Owner's Card
  • Seahorse Case
  • Lifetime Driver Warranty
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