Auteur Classic Upgrade
Auteur Classic Upgrade
Auteur Classic Upgrade
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Upgrade Process:

  1. You will pay 50% of the headphone upgrade cost at checkout.  All add-ons will be paid for up front.  (Pads/Add-Ons)
  2. If you are in a taxable state, Tax will be billed on each payment proportionate to the transaction)
  3. Shipping is paid ONCE - during the first payment.
  4. Within 48 hours you will receive an email with ship to instructions. Ship your headphones to us!  You are responsible for all ship costs.  
  5. After we receive the headphones, you will be notified and your headphone will be upgraded to the classic within 4 weeks.  When in process, if any refurbishment is recommended or offered, you will receive an email with these options and costs.
  6. When done you'll receive an invoice for the final payment. 
  7. Enjoy your new re-warranted auteur classic!  All orders include the lifetime driver warranty.

With the ZMF Auteur Classic, you'll get everything the Original auteur had with the addition of a larger stage, more linear sub-bass, more resolution and lower THD.  I wouldn't recommend this upgrade if I didn't think it was worthy, as my intent at ZMF has been to have each product be a final form.  If you love your OG auteur, an upgrade is certainly not necessary!

Upgrading gets you:

  • New auteur Classic drivers
  • auteur Classic Wood Baffle
  • Atrium damping system (ADS)
  • Titan Mesh
  • Replaced Driver Grille's if needed to Moulded Version
  • Full Headphone QC/measurement and recommended optional improvements

Note:  If your auteur earpads are worn, and we are unable to get a match, you will be charged for a new set of pads.  

    Learn more about the wood we use in our headphones here.


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        Auteur Classic Upgrade

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